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Xionico's News

Posted by Xionico - April 12th, 2013

Nooby question, I know, but I've been fighting with these so called HD converters for the whole night and well, I've seen some crafty people uploading my videos to Youtube in minblowing 1080 HD Quality (all this only using the 800X500 pixels' .SWFfile, I presume.)

Any idea/leads/software that could aid me? (Also, there's a new work/series in progress as we speak, woot).

EDIT: Thanks! I hadn't seen this Swifel Software Newgrounds had released (given my abscence around here), it's an amazing program! Thanks everyone who pointed me in the right direction!


Posted by Xionico - August 9th, 2012


Posted by Xionico - August 7th, 2012

Dear God I hate this file, it has been giving me problems for months.

Also, have mangos.

So, I'm finally exporting XM4-3

Posted by Xionico - May 16th, 2012

Yo, everyone! I noticed that I had an unusually large amount of inbox's now that I came back, and well, they all are regardining Xionic Madness 4-3.

I'm still working on it, at a waaay slower pace (due to work and general lack of motivation), but it seems that it should be up very soon, the animation's core is on the last steps, then comes the polishing.

To be honest, I think I'm the one who wants this series to be finished the most, so, hopefully it will be up within a month.

Thanks for the patience!

Posted by Xionico - February 14th, 2012

Boy, it has been some though times, but well, it came to my attention that people have actually missed me! Thanks for the support! And yeah, Xm4-3 is still in the works, being positive, it may be released in a month or two, if I can get the time right to work on it.

Due to some changes, thouhg, it may not be as action-packed as the other parts, but more of a conclusion, still! I'll make sure it doesn't dissapoint! I'm still dealing with some issues, both on my side and external.

Thanks for the support (and pacience), everyone!

Still alive!

Posted by Xionico - November 24th, 2011

Well, Xionic Madness' last part was supposed to be released before this year ended, but some complications, job absorbing my time and whatnot (like good 'ol procrastinity, and that stupid "flash-block" phase) has made it impossible to do so, but don't fret! It will be released soon, to put and ending once and for all to that series. (Which will be a major accomplishement for me, the first series I ever managed to finish :0!)

Thanks for the support :D See you around!

Posted by Xionico - September 23rd, 2011

Hey! Happy Madness day to everybody!

I couldn't be on as much as I'd like to (as I was in work all day so I had to sneak around to check some of the submissions). There were a lot of impressive ones!

Also, I'm looking for music tracks for part 3. Since in this part is more of a "last struggle" I'm looking for "serious business" strong music tracks. So maybe I'll lay off the speedy metal ones.

If you have any music you think could fit, feel free to sugest! :D

Also, I would prefer it being from the Audio portal. (Remember people, no copyrighted music, aka, don't send me Metallica songs, etc etc.)

Posted by Xionico - September 13th, 2011

So yeah, XM4-2 part 2 is proving to be quite the challenge when it comes to exporting, as it generally shows the "not enough resources error message."

At first, I thought it was because I stupidly had installed windows 32 bits while having 4 gb's of ram, so no sweat, I changed it. But the problem persists!

My next logical step was to realize that maybe it was because flash cs3 is a 32 bits program, so I decided to download a trial for CS 5.5, that one should be 64 bits version, right? But then I realized that it was a 32 bits program too (?).

I can't seem to find a proper 64 bits version anywhere, and flash has been one hell of a moody program lately, as it sometimes works just fine and other times can't even open two files at the same time. (which is an issue because I have to "glue" all the files together).

Any tips or ideas? Thanks in advance!

Also, for this same issue, I have to ask, does anyone know if there will be a Madness Day preloader? becase I want to get this thing exported as soon as I can so I don't have to be all stressed at the last day.


Posted by Xionico - September 5th, 2011

Yo! As the title reads, due to a few unexpected events, like the "Oh God, did my fucking HDD just explode on me?" one, plus "Fuck you Car, how dare you break on me?" and "What do you mean I can't work on my project at work? watch me!...Okay, fine, I can't" ones. Xionic Madness 4 will have to be divided into three parts. The second one will contain most of the fighting and killing, and the third one will be more of a closure than anything.

Part 2 will be released on Madness Day as scheduled, part 3 should be submitted one month and a half afterwards.

For now, a little screenie of Omega's Sniper alternate fire.

XM4 - Part 3 Will be inevitable.

Posted by Xionico - August 25th, 2011

FFFFFF-!.... It's oficial, technology hates me.

Don't worry, though. I had a somewhat old, but usable, back up of Xionic Madness 4

One way or another, part 2 is coming this Madness Day!