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México mwahaha D:<

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Swivel is the shit. Also, Welcome back!

In my experience in order to make a good HD video from a flash, you export the flash as individual images, jpeg or png i dont remember exactly wich one and you can set the zise so that they can be 1080p, those images then are imported into sony vegas pro and it will convert it to a video that you can upload to youtube or other sites. For the audio is the same you export your audio from flash and then import it to vegas, then with the video and audio combined in vegas you export the video and done.

It's been 3 months since a post from you x.x

welcome back and dont spam the chat guys thats annoying to see and are you going to Leak info on it?

People, please, chill the hell out!

A few things I (hope) can cover.

1. The original Xionic Madness (OXM) line (ending in Xionic Madness 4.3) is completed. For OXM, there is no more. For a possible &quot;Season 2&quot;, I have no idea, that is up to Xionico.

2. STOP PESTERING THE MAN ABOUT MORE XIONIC MADNESS! I'd love to see more of it myself, honestly, but pestering the poor guy about it ain't gonna get it out there any faster... just like getting out and pushing won't make light move faster, or time move slower.

3. No Spamming! Seriously now, we have businesses sending us that shit in our email, we don't need it here, nor is it wanted!

Thank you all, and have a lovely day!


You BETTER say something on MADNESS DAY!!!!

happy madnessday

Happy Madness Day. I don't expect anything back on this, but you had replied back on a comment of mine for your last video in the Xionic series, and I thought that was amazing. Anyway, I was sniffing around some other pages like Stoog3, and then realized that your videos have been out for a good chunk of my life. To this I say: thank you. These two words are oft said, but in this case the weight and meaning go beyond what is just present. You have been loyal to your fans, and to your self. Beyond that there is nothing we can ask you for.

It's been almost six months an no word from Xionoco. I fear he may not be coming back.

when Xionic Madness 5 will be released?

6 months and no new update I agree with ZEDSLAYER we fear that he may not come back for a long long time

@25352: I don't think there's going to be an XM 5, since the 4th ended on a rather conclusive note.

I hope your still animating Xionic, would be a total bummer not seeing anymore of your work.

Well, You might be gone, but that doesn't discourage me one bit brother.

I really don't think hes coming back to newgrounds and if he doesn't R.I.P Xionico

Your posts have always had quite a lot of time between them, but this is a worrying amount of time since we've heard from you here. Talk to us, dammit!

come back please

Bro. Its Madness Day. Please say something :&lt;

Wait a sec whats the new series Your Working on?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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