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It's up

2012-08-09 20:48:32 by Xionico

Go see it.


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2013-06-28 15:14:16

what ARE the music names???:D


2013-03-30 10:54:01

Waht is your next project ? : o


2013-03-13 13:52:54

lol 100th comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2013-03-13 13:52:28

are you created draws in tis anim?


2013-03-09 02:49:47

Every time I come here I hope that someone has something more positive to say than "Make more and fast"... What is with you kids? I can barely believe he put up with everyone and finished this whole thing with the "fans" whining and begging for more free content. I could care less if I hear another word from this Xionico because he has completely wrapped his story up and given it an open ending that is up to the FANS to decide. It's interprative, curious, and completely perfect way to end this. I have been a fan of every video he made, read all of the character bios so when he ended the series I could not possibly have been given more. This man has provided one of the most provocative flash animations to ever exist. Leave him in peace, let him rest, and IF he comes back with more just be grateful and not demanding.


2013-02-20 17:58:33

well, been nearly a year since we heard from you, mind giving us a heads up that your alive right? I also get the feeling that you've been on vacation from this ever since it went up. Just a heads up, don't put that kind of ending if your going to be out this long. Or, at the very least tell us you won't do another. I mean seriously man... come on. Over all though, loved the series, and wish you would give an indication that you are alive at the very least.


2013-02-18 11:57:18

excellent animation


2013-01-24 22:01:36

What now?


2013-01-17 19:43:48

great series all the way and guys if your wondering whats up with enid xero made it where she has features of his teammates like omega and xero shade of hair kary eyes askads eye color and etc... i cant wait to see if hes going to make a continue with enid and i would be nice if he could show kary,askad,omega and xero where ever they are every now and then and thats about it from me for now


2013-01-13 16:18:10

great conclusion to the series man i loved it hate to see it go but still man you deserve a vacation for like a year or 2


2013-01-01 06:15:27

Happy New Year Xionico!


2012-12-30 21:15:45

oye xionico ahora que ya terminastes la serie.
que es lo q piensas hacer ahora?


2012-12-24 14:06:19

hmm you should make another xionic madness 6, with more episodes and even make like a show , like a tv show on newgrounds.You can call it, Xionic madness:Life of Enid


2012-12-21 19:24:46

huh.... 4 months with out a post... i think someone needs to hunt him down


2012-12-11 14:37:14

You should create a game for xionic madness, that maybe could have a main storyline for all the main charcters, and an arena where you can create a charater, and you can level him up and buy stuff, like weapons. That would be awesome.


2012-12-11 14:33:47

What aren't you posting anything, Xionico?


2012-12-02 05:43:37

you are dead?


2012-11-16 16:12:50



2012-11-01 15:13:20

Man you could make a game of xionic madness...I think that it would be awesome,but you could do it with like... WAYYYYY to much combos,and give it parts for each one of the xionic series and use all the weapons too... sorry for the english... I ain't american and my english is not pretty good thx for reading


2012-11-01 13:44:33

should make Xionic Madness 5. May be with mages


2012-10-26 17:54:38

are you there?


2012-10-22 12:47:43

Guess making that did kill you.


2012-09-14 16:49:31

Cant wait to see the contents of the box, but as long as I want you (if you want) you see a story I'm writing that mixes, xionci madness, and you send combat. If you like give him a like on the page. Is facebook. Is in spanish so if you dont understand, use traductor.

Search XIONIC-MADNESS in facebook.


2012-09-14 16:44:17

Here in facebook, there is a page created by fans with interesting facts about the characters, and also a story written by me, mixing xionic madness with madness combat. If you like to give him, I like, on page and history.


2012-09-13 21:26:29

Hey the Xionic series is tha best series i have ever watched!!! r u gonna continue teh series??? really is it gonna end here?! at least have teh Xionic 5 (all the parts) completed. plz tell me if u r gonna continue it?!


2012-09-12 11:46:22

just 10 more days till madness!


2012-09-10 00:23:27

Kringles made madness.... Xionico Perfected it!


2012-09-02 04:13:50

brainmasterII If you mean the last song in Xionic Madness 4.3 It's a Metro 2033 soundtrack "Don't Forget"


2012-09-01 13:54:59

First of all I like Xionic Madness more than everything
Second.which is the song in the end?
third.If you are reading this I want you to know that I have sent you a message


2012-08-31 22:39:51

oh jeez, i LOVED the Xionic Madness series. i recently saw them all and enjoyed it. A LOT. anyways, continue your great work, my good man.


2012-08-28 21:17:02
don't follow, just asking if you seeing this on your userpage.
are you seeing this!?


2012-08-28 01:19:54

Soy un fan de tu trabajo. La tercera parte la he estado esperando buen rato ya, me da gusto ver como mejoras con cada nuevo trabajo.
Por cierto, ¿pa'cuando Ragnarok: Destined Path Episodio 3 ? esa serie es la razón por la que me hice tu fan xD.



2012-08-27 11:34:10

@zionico, great work as always, but it would be nice to enid as the leader of a squad of hunted fighters.
@Peruraptor The ninjas worked for bio Int. (witch was in England)


2012-08-27 11:24:57

I love you man. I LOVE YOU!
The series Is epic. Like I said about a 100 sir...have beaten Krinkels himself.


2012-08-26 07:14:37

This series has been amazing from start to this end, but now I have two questions.

1. Open a second season with Enid?
2. Open any game so we can enjoy twice?


2012-08-25 15:55:29

You bastard. I love you.


2012-08-23 20:51:21

They've killed the Savior (XV)
The Sheriff was blown up (Overseer)
they've destroyed the Clown (Kary)
Now they head for the Auditor... (Wonder who that will be...)
Something tells me that this Madness is far from over...
I'm going to need a chainsaw for safety reasons :)


2012-08-20 21:53:21

In Xionic Madness 1.5, it's made clear that the Xero project was originally created by Bio INT, but the bio's in 4-2 seemed to ignore this in favor a human Xero brought up by British Ninjas, and turned into a cyborg by the agency. Is their an explanation?


2012-08-18 17:45:01

God...... this is the best animation ever!


2012-08-18 01:25:19

Congratulations your triple crown as the 1st of ranks Daily, Weekly, and Reviews!


2012-08-17 19:03:48

Amazing conclsion to an amazing seires created by an amazing animator with amazing characters and amazing plotline and amazing violence and amazing use of the word amazing. I wonder what will happen to Enid.


2012-08-17 12:29:22

Xero died.
Enid will live.
I think that she will be a member of some sort of "La Resistance"


2012-08-16 09:58:04



2012-08-16 06:40:17

I must say this was a non forgettable ending for me
Great work xionico


2012-08-16 02:20:33

People, I know you all want to find out more about them, so do I, but Xionico worked hard on this one. I think you should give him at least a year of rest.


2012-08-15 22:07:23

why did you end it like this enid is trained with all their abilities and should be seen fighting if you are going to end it then make a new one its just sad to see them all die D':


2012-08-15 07:26:08

Who is that girl?
Is she human, cyborg and robot?
She has her own cervical armor, but her hands are green. Why. Can human wore armor like that or it's possible only fo cyborgs?
What is the new oder? Illuminati? Earth government? Umbrella-like corporation?

There are a lot of unanswered questions. Xionic Madness series are ended, but it's possible to make new series about that girl, about conspiracy, espionage. It can be some sort of Deus Ex.


2012-08-13 14:01:45

I almost wish this WASN'T worth the wait just so I wouldn't be so upset about this being the end of the series. Before, I pretty much knew how I wanted the series to end, but now I can honestly say I can't imagine it any other way. This was pretty much as good as it could have been.

I can't wait to see what you move on to next, but if you ever need more VAs I'd be glad to try helping out.


2012-08-13 13:06:54

Thank you, Xionico.
This is a nice work.^_^


2012-08-13 11:20:08

Incredible just like how I wanted. Now I wonder what is your next work....